Sino - British Projects

As China takes centre stage in the world both economically and ploitically, the opportunities to establish a thriving and profitable enterprise in China increase. BCIC can be your guide to maximising the opportutnities.
BCIC has many connections with National, Provincial, City and local government officials. These connections mean that BCIC is aware of many opportunities and needs that the Chinese State and Cities have and require Western investment to make them happen. there are two main areas of opportunity, Football and Education.

If any of these opportunities are of interest then please contact Marie Li on +44(0)1865 339598 or email to discuss further these opportunities.
Football - President Xi has said that China will win the World Cup. To achieve this China nees to develop home grown football stars that can win against other international teams. To achieve this the Chinese are looking for:

All types of education courses, University, Summer schools, so that the Chinese people can learn not only about football skills, but the theory of football, managing a team, sport science, nutrition, phsyiotherapy and other aspects that make a winning team.

The second area is concerned with the logistics of the game. This includes providing professional referee and match officials, maintaining a high class football ground and stadium, building football stadiums and ensuring they have the entire infrastructure to support them.
Education - The UK has some of the best educational establishments in the world. Access to the best Chinese students can only enhance the international reputation of the UK academic institutions. 

BCIC is currently aware of several opportunities where UK, European and American academic institutions would be warmly welcomed to set up schools and campuses in China.