Schools and Universities

Studying abroad using your second language can be daunting but at BCIC we understand that you want to succeed. You need a service that will help you:

  • Identify the course that will let you achieve your ambitions
  • Find an educational establishment in a location that suits you and your situation
  • Obtain the necessary visa to study in the UK
  • Travel to your education establishment when you arrive
  • Learn about life in the UK, what to expect, what to bring and what to do

Everyone is unique and everybody is different. We recognise this fact at BCIC and that is why we treat all our clients as individuals. We find out about your ambitions and your needs. That way we can match your requirements with the vast range of courses and educational establishments we have to ensure that you:

  • Succeed in your life goals
  • Are secure and comfortable at your place of learning
  • Have many opportunities to experience the riches of life

That is why we can offer a wide range of course that includes:

  • English language courses for all levels and ages to improve your linguistic abilities
  • iGCSE/A-Level studies to lay a solid base upon which to build your academic career
  • University Foundation Courses at one of our Universities will prepare you for University life and study
  • Diploma courses to build up a solid foundation of knowledge on your chosen subject
  • Undergraduate Degrees from one of the many fine British Universities
  • Post-Graduate Degree from one of the many outstanding research Universities in the UK

Our education partners include:

  • Some of the top privately run schools in the UK
  • The best colleges from which students go to the top universities
  • The finest Universities for business, finance, accounting, arts, media, science, computing

To start your journey to achieve your aspirations, please complete the enquiry form and one of our experienced counsellor will respond to your query.
Just look at some of the interesting comments that our clients have said:

'BCIC selected a first class school for me and as a result I am going to a first class University, Oxford' 
                                                              Yuanqing Kang, Oundle School

'BCIC staff were so knowledgeable about the schools it made the process of selection easy and pleasurable. I love my school.'
                                                                     Jiaqi Li, Oxford High School